I qualified initially as a Nutritional Therapist three years ago and have been seeing clients struggling with chronic health issues since that time and whilst I passionately believe that Nutritional Therapy alone can have a really positive impact on health and have witnessed this first hand, I soon realised that for most clients, it was not tackling all of the impacts driving their health issues and some, no matter how good the nutritional therapy plan was, still didn't get fully well.


Given that GP's have been quoted in the media as saying that around 95% of conditions they see in surgery have their origins in stress, I decided that I needed to develop my practice further in order to incorporate stress management to make the therapy I offer truly holistic. When I gained my Stress Management qualification, I decided that merging the two protocols together to form a mind and body approach that offers clients a truly holistic therapy was the best way forward and so my new practice; Envisage Health, was born.


Now in my practice a person seeking ways to manage their stress better, would automatically receive nutrition and lifestyle advice to go alongside stress management techniques to enhance their chances of calming their whole body and mind down, this would help prevent long-term stress from going on to produce adverse health symptoms such as IBS or high blood pressure as well as improving their immune system which automatically gets down-regulated during periods of stress. Similarly, a client seeking nutritional therapy would also now have their stress or anxiety levels investigated and if found to be high, a stress management plan would be given alongside their nutritional recommendations.

I have also had first hand experience of how a period of chronic stress affects health (see my "About Me" page) and I know that my own health did not get better because of simply eating better, it was actually the removal of my stress that finally improved my health. I would argue that this is also how some people who smoke 40 a day live to be 90 - if they were stressed out too, this would  not be the case in my view! 

The Mind First, Body Second approach I now use aims to bring about lasting changes in health and stems from my belief that illness always starts in our energy field first. The energy in our body is affected by the thoughts we have every day, anxieties we experience and stresses that we find ourselves under. If we were able to tackle these thought processes or our responses to stress early on, the energy field would naturally re-balance and physical symptoms would not appear in the body. 

Most of us however are unaware of how our thoughts affect us as it is estimated that 95% of the thoughts we think are subconscious thoughts playing over and over in the background. Traumatic life events shortly before the onset of an illness are also common amongst clients and these events can be played over and over in our thoughts, disrupting our heart rhythms which signals the brain to release stress hormones (fight or flight) and when these hormones are released continually, vital life-giving systems not necessary for fight or flight are down-regulated leading long-term to digestive issues, immune system issues, reproductive issues and so on because these systems are not needed for us to escape from a tiger. 


The combination of this Mind and Body protocol is designed to offer a way for a client to recognise any stresses and then change the way that they perceive and manage it. If they can change their thoughts towards that stress, they can change the hormones that are released in the body to more life-affirming ones and the body can start to heal again. I always start with stress management first and have had some clients. not even need to move into nutritional protocols as changing their thought processes has so effectively changed their health in a positive way on its own.


This holistic type of therapy is particularly beneficial to those who have tried many times to alter their eating habits and have still not improved their health outcomes. If you've experienced this and feel that stress or anxiety may be playing a part in the background, undermining your attempts to become truly healthy, consider this Mind - Heart - Body approach  and the rest should naturally fall into place.