Lorraine Witt - Dip. CNM, Cert. Ed. Dip. Stress Management Training


I have always had a keen interest in how diet and lifestyle affects health but it wasn’t until I found out that I had malignant melanoma that I knew I had to take better care of both my mind and my body.

In 2010, after having spent the previous three years poorly nourished and under severe work stress, I was told that a mole I'd had removed from my back was actually malignant melanoma. Like most people, I spent the next few days researching Melanoma on the internet which only served to fill me with utter panic. In the end, I had a wide area

excision and a lymph node removal and I realised then that I had two choices; I could carry on as I had before and probably end up in the same position later on down the line or I could use this awful experience as a springboard to something more positive. The latter seemed a much better route.

I changed the job I loathed which immediately improved my stress levels and I significantly overhauled my diet to eat only the foods that would nourish my body and I have never looked back. I read every book I could find about what is needed for optimal health and I kept seeing the same themes repeated – chronic diseases cannot happen when a person has optimal nutritional levels and is not suffering from long term stress. 


I initially qualified as a Nutritional Therapist and then later as a Stress Management Trainer because I realised from personal experience that tackling nutrition alone will sometimes just not cut it. I discovered that some clients, with the best plan in the world, still were not getting better. This is not the client's fault, but the fault of a one-pronged approach for a condition that has two elements to it - mind and body. Invariably with the clients that weren't seeing improvements from a nutritional plan, there were stress/anxiety issues in the background, undermining any attempt to bring about positive change to their health. I knew that I had to change the way that I practiced so that I could offer a more holistic approach and the Envisage Holistic Health approach was born.


I have absolutely no doubt that the merging of Stress Management and Nutritional Therapy together is massively more beneficial than offering either one alone.  I have discovered that teaching a client to manage their stress before looking at their nutrition, gets them into a calmer place where they are better able to manage any nutrition plan.