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Almost all of my new clients have been referred to me from past clients which is absolutely fantastic. I have included some of their kind words about the service I provide to offer reassurance to those who may feel a little nervous about visiting a holistic therapist for the first time.

Thank you Lorraine. Seeing you has helped me enormously. My gut is totally different to when I first met you. I have no pain to speak of except on counted occasions and it usually to do with having eaten something with gluten. Now I eat everything, except gluten, fat and spicy foods! This is a brilliant outcome.


Hi Lorraine, I am writing to let you know that after only two consultations with you,  my GP has done another blood test and says that my cholesterol is now down to an acceptable level and I will not be needing any medication. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done and I will stay on my new lifestyle change for the foreseeable future. If you would like any future clients to contact me, then please give them my details. Kind regards.


Diagnosed, at the same time, with prostate cancer and an under-active thyroid, I needed guidance on the right foods and supplements to help me during and after treatment and then for the long term.

Dietician or Nutritionist? Lorraine was recommended to me and I thought that as a Nutritionist she would be more likely to take a holistic approach which I wanted.

Lorraine is very knowledgeable and professional, keeps up to date with the latest research and most reassuring. I feel lucky to have found her and more importantly am feeling so much better.


When I visited Lorraine at the beginning of this year. I was desperate to lose weight and having had breast cancer a few years before, wanted to alter my diet to do what I could to prevent the cancer returning.

Lorraine was very understanding and knowledgeable and we talked at length about lifestyle, what I wanted and how to achieve this. From this information, she provided me with a detailed plan of action and on my next visit talked me through it. 

Corny as it may sound, I can only say "it changed my life". The weight came off and I have stuck to it even after reaching my own weight goal and a bit more!  Cancer prevention? Who knows? But I feel lighter, healthier and never crave sugary foods any more. I am back in control! It feels like a win, win situation to me and I can't thank Lorraine enough for supporting me through this.


"I contacted Lorraine when I felt utterly exhausted all of the time and I felt unwell.  I had left a high stress job which had run me into the ground.  I had undergone medical checks, and I knew I wasn't medically ill, and apart from an underlying auto-immune condition I am generally well.  I needed to embark on some self-help, but I needed something that was manageable and sustainable, not too cranky or extreme.  Lorraine's consultation was the most thorough consultation I have had in my life asking me all sorts of questions about my over all health and lifestyle.  I have followed Lorraine's advice, and it has now become a way of life and is easy to follow and I feel 'normal' again.  I have managed to cut out the medications I was taking to combat my symptoms and this year for the first time in 13 years I have not had an episode of my auto immune condition, I believe because I keep on top of gut health and inflammation."


When we are feeling under the weather and nothing seems to be helping we can turn to a therapist hoping for that special something to put things right.I did just this when I was lucky enough to come across Lorraine Witt.
Lorraine has that magic something that is reassuring, she is thorough, kind and compassionate.
Lorraine has helped me in so many ways and I am more than happy to recommend her she will leave no stone unturned to find the right diet and supplements tailor made to have you restored to good health again.
Thank you Lorraine I cannot thank you enough.


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